Sous Vide Australia Explore the Endless Potential of the CD8 Freeze Dryer

We had the pleasure of catching up with Dale and Libby from Sous Vide Australia. Sous Vide is home to “The Upper Room” which is a collaborative space and cooking school in Melbourne with the goal of exploring new ideas and carry out recipe development with the latest sous vide and molecular equipment.

The Upper Room was created to help wickedly talented chefs or aspiring home cooks to cook more, cook better, and get incredible results every time. Sous Vide’s focus is to provide local access to the highest quality and specifically designed sous vide cookery equipment from around the world with Australian safety standards.

During our chat with Dale who has over 22 years experience as a chef in some of Victoria’s best restaurants, we touched on how the CD8 Freeze Dryer is revolutionizing things in the kitchen.

Watch the full interview in the video below: