Why The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research Highly Recommends the CD8 Freeze Dryer for any Laboratory.

Woolcock institute of medical research CryoDry CD8 freeze dryer testimonial

In this video, Akshay, Infrastructure Manager of Woolcock Institue of Medical Research, discusses how using the CD8 Freeze Dryer is aiding lab researchers at the Woolcock.

The CD8 Freeze Dryer is utilised for preparing samples, particularly for inhalers and various chemical and medical applications. This process involves freeze drying gel’s as well as liquid formulations and samples to meet the needs of their research.

Akshay explains that the CD8 freeze dryer is used to prepare dried samples for analysis and clinical trials, mainly for respiratory and sleep research and the CD8 supports their work by providing flexibility in temperature and pressure settings. The system’s quiet operation, user-friendly interface, and compact design are highlighted as major advantages. The ability to handle various sample sizes and easy defrost feature makes it a highly recommended tool for their research needs.