Freeze Drying Flowers with the CD8 Freeze Dryer

Freeze drying flowers has never been easier thanks to the CryoDry CD8 Freeze Dryer.  Recently we had the pleasure of experimenting with freeze drying a combination of flowers and we were genuinely impressed by the results.

Using the CD8 is a straightforward process. Just place your prepped flowers inside, set the program and parameters and let the machine do the rest. It gently freezes and dries the flowers, preserving their natural beauty and shape without drastically altering their colour or delicate features.

After 24 hours in the CryoDry CD8, our flowers emerged looking stunning. They maintained their vibrant colours and intricate details. Plus the process is much quicker and hassle-free compared to traditional methods, so you can enjoy your preserved freeze dried flowers in no time.

The dry, firm texture of the freeze dried flowers results from a process called sublimation where the flowers are frozen and the ice inside them sublimates directly into vapor without passing through a liquid phase. This gentle removal of water preserves the structures of the flowers leaving them with a crisp, firm texture while retaining their original shape and colour.

The absence of water prevents decay and keeps the flowers in a beautiful, delicate yet sturdy texture.

Whether you’re a florist looking to offer a unique preservation service or wanting to preserve floral arrangements that have sentimental value to you, the CryoDry CD8 is your go-to solution. It’s advanced freeze drying technology ensures exceptional results every time, making it a valuable investment for floral preservation.

How do you preserve your flowers? Let us know in the comments.