Welcoming our new distributor in Spain – Aplitech Biolab

We are very pleased to introduce our newest addition to our distribution channel, Aplitech Biolab in Spain.

Aplitech Biolab is made up of a dedicated, highly qualified, and certified team that operates in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, food, environment, and research.

Aplitech work with their customers to provide them with a complete solution according to their expected results.

Their goal is to provide researchers with the opportunity to progress by improving their resources through the implementation of state-of-the-art technological equipment.

To achieve this, Aplitech have cutting-edge technology brands, Pre-Sales and Post-Sales service, validation and qualification service, Custom Applications Laboratory, Training Service, Seminars, and Professional Consulting.

We are excited about our partnership with Aplitech and confident that together we can provide Spain with the best freeze drying solution for their laboratory needs.

Aplitech Bio Lab
Carrer de la Màquina 50,

Phone: +34 629 818 802
Email: sales@aplitechbiolab.com
Web: https://aplitechbiolab.com/