Game-Changer! End of Frustration: A Freeze Dryer That Gets It Right – CD8 at NaturaPaws, Sydney

We had the pleasure of meeting with Angus Roxburgh, owner of NaturaPaws located in Warriewood on Sydney’s Northern Beaches this week. Angus is dedicated to providing premium raw dog food, freeze-dried snacks, and supplements. NaturaPaws prioritize your pet’s well-being, offering high-quality raw food made with 100% human-grade meat and fresh produce. Their delicious snacks, from beef tripe to liver, ensure happy pets, and their natural supplements, like joint and calming options, promote overall health. NaturaPaws offer top-notch products and expert advice from their dedicated pet-loving family.

During our visit, Angus discussed his frustrating experience with a faulty machine he imported from China, detailing the supply chain issues followed by a number of technical difficulties he encountered. After a long haul of lengthy communication with the freeze dryer supplier which lead to no solution, Angus purchased a second freeze dryer from a well-known freeze dryer brand who he hoped would alleviate he’s issues, however this led to further problems as there where issues with communication post sale and the inability to receive technical support for issues that were occurring with the well-known freeze dryer brand.

NaturaPaws freeze dried dog food and treats CD8 freeze dryer sydney australia

In a final attempt to find a solution to all of he’s freeze dryer problems, Angus contacted CryoDry® in the pursuit of finding a reliable freeze dryer solution which would allow him to continue providing healthy nutritious dog food and snacks for he’s valuable customers pets. CryoDry® offered and installed a solution by providing our CD8 Freeze Dryer which has surprised him with its outstanding reliability and how easy it is to use for he’s day to day processes. As a result of this he has now been able to up-scale he’s business by providing he’s product to wholesale customers which has made a big difference to the success of he’s business.

We are pleased to hear that the CD8 Freeze Dryer is working perfectly for Angus and wish him well in he’s business of providing quality freeze dried dog food to customers around Australia.