How to Maintain your CD8

how to clean and maintain your cd8 freeze dryer

For optimal performance it is necessary that you maintain your CD8 by following the steps in the video below.

It is important to check your CD8 for dust or debris every 6 months to keep it at an optimal standard. Every time you use it, it is advised to visually inspect it.

Cleaning inside the Chamber:

• Before you begin, make sure its turned off and unplugged
• Open the door of your CD8
• Take the tray assembly out and wipe with a soapy wet cloth. Avoid using abrasive scrubs, solvents or bleach.
• Let it completely dry or wipe dry before its next use.

Cleaning the door:

• Open the door of your CD8 unit
• Pay careful attention to the seal around the door, check for residue or debris
• Wipe the entire door with soapy water.
• The silicon seal might have debris or residue which needs to be wiped thoroughly, whilst the silicon seal is exposed inspect it for cuts or tears.


During the cleaning process, make sure that you don’t spill any water on your CD8. If you happen to accidently spill water on it, it is best that you be sure to unplug it right away. For optimal safety, it is recommended that you externally dry your CD8 out before your next use.

You have now competed your 6 monthly maintenance and can now continue freeze drying.