An Informative Talk at UPM’s Institute of Bioscience

Paul Fieldhouse, General Manager of CryoDry® recently had the privilege of delivering an engaging and informative talk at the institute of Bioscience at the University Putra Malaysia (UPM).

“I was glad to share insights into the fascination world of freeze drying and the underlying theories that make this process possible. The talk, titled “Introduction to Freeze Drying and the Theory of Freeze Drying”, aimed to unravel the complexities of this essential technique used in various industries, from pharmaceuticals to food preservation.” Said Mr Fieldhouse.

The audience at UPM was enthusiastic and eager to delve into the science and applications of freeze drying. Once of the most satisfying aspects of the talk was the outstanding interaction we had with the attendees. The audience was highly engaged, and there were plenty of though-provoking questions that demonstrated their genuine interest in the topic. This lively exchange of ideas made the presentation not only informative but also enjoyable.

As we strongly believe in the importance of knowledge-sharing, we want to extend an invitation to all other distributors and organizations who may be interested in scheduling a presentation on freeze drying. CryoDry® is here to provide valuable insights and expertise.

In conclusion, our experience at the Institute of Bioscience at UPM was a rewarding one. We were able to cover the understanding of freeze drying and its theoretical foundations while fostering an environment of active learning and engagement. 

We look forward to future opportunities to share our knowledge with other institutions and organisations interested in the freeze drying field.