More CD8 Freeze Dryers Ready to Ship!

We are excited to announce that another batch of our highly sought-after CD8 Freeze Dryers are now packed up and ready for shipment. We can’t wait to deliver these cutting-edge freeze dryers to our eagerly awaiting customers.

If you’ve been considering a CD8 Freeze Dryer for your laboratory needs, now is the perfect time to act. These units are in high demand and we encourage you to place your orders without delay.

The CryoDry® CD8 benchtop freeze dryer is a versatile and user-friendly tray freeze dryer that delivers full control over the freeze-drying process. With a manual or automatic operation mode this freeze dryer can be easily programmed with up to 16 steps, for customizable recipes.

The CD8 boasts 8 kg ice capacity, with up to 4 kg of ice removed from the product per 24 hours. 5 electrically heated shelves and 5 stainless steel trays are included as standard

Streamline your freeze drying operations with the all-in-one, easy to use and fast CD8 Freeze Dryer by contacting one of our friendly team members.