Freeze Drying Workshop Held at University of Kuala Lumpur Royal College of Medicine Perak by CryoDry®

reeze Drying Workshop Held at University of Kuala Lumpur Royal College of Medicine Perak by CryoDry

The team at Ara Gemilang

We’re pleased to highlight a recent knowledge-sharing event that took place at University of Kuala Lumpur Royal College of Medicine Perak. This informative session, meticulously organized by Ara Gemilang – CryoDry’s distributor in Malaysia – was attended by students, researchers, and industry professionals interested in learning more about freeze drying.

The freeze drying workshop covered a range of topics, including:

  • Introduction to freeze drying
  • Theory of freeze drying
  • Freeze drying misconceptions

In addition, attendees were introduced to the CryoDry CD8 freeze dryer, a better and more cost effective alternative to traditional manifold freeze dryers. The CryoDry CD8 is a benchtop freeze dryer that is designed for small to medium-sized applications. It is easy to use and maintain, and it offers a number of features that make it a more efficient and effective freeze dryer than traditional manifold freeze dryers.

The workshop demonstrated the CryoDry CD8 in detail along with its ease of use and freeze drying capabilities. To find out more about this innovative freeze dryer and how you can benefit from it, please get in touch with Ara Gemilang. CryoDry CD8, please contact Ara Gemilang

About CryoDry

CryoDry is a leading manufacturer of freeze dryers for a variety of industries, including life sciences, food and beverage, and cosmetics. At CryoDry®, we believe in a customer-centric approach. This means that we are always listening to our customers and working to understand their needs, so that we can develop products and services that meet those needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the best customer support and technical advice to ensure that our customers are serviced and satisfied by their freeze dryers.

In short, our mission at CryoDry® is to be the leading provider of freeze dryer solutions, and to help our customers succeed in their own endeavours.

Ara Gemilang cryodry cd8 freeze dryer
Samsul Bharin – Business Manager (Ara Gemilang)

About Ara Gemilang

Ara Gemilang is the distributor of CryoDry in Malaysia. Ara Gemilang Saintifik is headed by an experienced Sales and Service manager who have a long history in their area of expertise. Supported by a growing sales team and excellent technical service team, we are confident of growing Ara Gemilang Saintifik to be one of the reputable scientific company in Malaysia.