Thermoblock for Falcon Tubes 15 ml

Thermoblock for 15 ml Falcon tubes, improved heat transfer for shorter drying times and improved results, must-have accessory for your CryoDry freeze dryer

Thermoblock for use in CryoDry Freeze Dryers, designed to hold 15 ml Falcon tubes with an approximate dimension of 17 mm O.D. and 120 mm length. This thermoblock provides a secure and stable platform to hold your samples during the freeze drying process, with improved  heat transfer for faster  and more consistent drying results. The thermoblock is made from durable high-quality aluminium. Our thermoblock is specifically designed for use on CryoDry freeze dryer trays, providing a perfect fit, maximum load capacity and best performance. Whether you’re a research scientist, laboratory professional, or a hobbyist, this thermoblock is a must-have accessory for your CryoDry freeze dryer.